David Gossman - College Courses Taken

Hanover College - Hanover, Indiana
- First 2 years of undergraduate program
*Advanced Placement Credit
Department Course Number Course Title
Math 131* Calculus
230 Math Analysis I (Theoretical Calculus)
331 Differential Equations
422 Foundations of Math (Set Theory)
Chemistry 113* Introduction to Chemistry
220 Analytical Chemistry
225 Organic Chemistry I
335 Physical Chemistry I
Physics 113 Foundations Physics
202 Descriptive Astronomy
220 An+Ap Physical Laws (Calc Based)
325 Electricity and Magnetism
326 E-M Fields and Waves
Geology 213* Introduction to Geology
321 Mineralogy
Biology 113 Elementary Biology
PE 061 Senior Lifesaving
Philosophy 111 Introduction to Philosophy
Computer Science 202 General Computer Programming
Michigan State University
- BS Interdisciplinary Physical Science
Department Course Number Course Title
Math 412 Axiomatic Geometry
Astronomy 459 Solar System Physics
Geology 479 Geotectonics
872  Exploration Seismology
Chemistry 461 Theoretical Chem I
462 Theoretical Chem II
Military Science 223  Terrain Analysis and Land Navigation
Electrical Engineering 400  Current Topics in EE
Mechanical Engineering 332 Fluid Mechanics I
499 Independent Study (Fluids II)
Geography 223 Introduction to Cartography
451 Climate Patterns
Biophysics 402 Intro to Theoretical Molecular Biophysics
English 313 Scientific Writing
Humanities 203  Humanities of the Western World
Social Science 211 Emergence of Man
212  Coping with Change
Health and PE 331 First Aid and Emergency Care
Michigan State University
- MS Interdisciplinary Physical Science
Department Course Number Course Title
Geology 875  Advanced Geophysical Exploration I
876 Advanced Geophysical Exploration II
870 Topics in Geophysics (Geophysical Data Processing)
Chemistry 834 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
835 Spectroscopic Chemical Analysis
838 Scientific Instrumentation
Philosophy 483  Philosophy of Physical Science
Communications 815  Organizational Communications
850 Seminar on Research Utilization
Geography 902 Problems in Physical Geography (Advanced Climatology)
Management 806 Organization and Administration
Physical Science 890 Problems (Thesis on Interdisciplinary Research Management)