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David Gossman


Specialty Graphene Research LLC (SGR) has been formed to perform R&D based on a proprietary discovery by David Gossman of a unique path for making graphene and graphite. The process allows for the formation of graphene on materials that are not electrically conducting, thus eliminating the transfer step required in current high quality graphene manufacturing. This has the potential to create a wide range and a larger scale of specialty products that incorporate graphene and/or graphite.

This proprietary technology has the potential to spin off products for rapid revenue generation, including super capacitors, graphene layered materials with unique properties, high strength (and temperature resistant) materials, specialty separation and catalyst materials, etc.

Many of these applications have been imagined since the discovery of graphene but have not been fully realized because of the current cost and difficulty in making large scale, high quality graphene. It is our plan to partner with government (especially DOD), aerospace companies and academia to research technologies that can then be licensed to end users.



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